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Mortgage protection insurance cover (ASU)

Mortgage protection insurance - protect your house Mortgages are one of the biggest commitments people will make in their lives, so the threats of accident, illness and redundancy are considerable, and this is where mortgage payment protection insurance (ASU).

Accident, Sickness andUnemployment Cover

Accident, Sickness and Unemployment insurance (ASU), can also be referred to as mortgage payment protection and will provide you with an income to meet your outgoings if you are off work sick, have an accident or are made redundant. It pays out a monthly benefit to cover your mortgage and other related costs.

You may choose the amount of benefit you would like to receive - although there are some limits on the maximum amount. Benefits are usually payable for a maximum of 12 / 24 months.

Some policies will also allow you to choose whether you want to receive benefits for accident and sickness only, unemployment only or all three. Most policies will also have a 'deferment period'. This is the period of time you will have to wait after losing your source of income until you may claim the policy benefit.

Enhanced cover levels recognise changes in the UK housing market and the benefits now available for you are:

  • You can now protect a monthly benefit of up to £3,000, subject to a maximum of 75% of their gross monthly income
  • You can cover an additional 33% of their monthly mortgage payment and related insurance costs, helping to protect other household expenses
  • Wider choice of qualification periods up to 180 days. Ability to select different qualification periods for Accident or Sickness and Unemployment

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